Important: keep in mind that the checkout is very important, because AUTOMATICALLY compares the initial data with the return data, which is why we recommend you follow the below steps in a very precise manner.

  • The driver commit to return the vehicle to the owner:
    • in the same state of functioning and safety as at the beginning of the carsharing
    • clean and without damage other than the damage recorded at the onset of the carsharing
    • with a fuel level equal to the level at the beginning of the carsharing. 
  • He also hands over to the owner:
    • the original vehicle registration certificate
    • damage report form
    • 2 yellow jackets, safety triangle and breathalyzer.

Finally the driver respects the date and time of the returning of the vehicle.

To start the checkout procedure you have to download the CarAmigo mobile app, available for Android and iOS. You can use the same method to login as used on the website.

Once you login you'll see a couple of menus: My profile, My cars, My bookings etc. Click on My bookings.

The booking that has to be closed will be displayed on top.

The first section ask you whether the car is returned in the same state as at the beginning. Please answer accurately.

If you answer with Yes you can move on to the next question which is whether the car was returned on the day/time initially agreed upon according to the contract.

If the renter was late, indicate the actual day/time of the return. It's important to indicate this since the Renter will be penalized automatically according to our General conditions of use.

If you forgot to indicate the delay, the system will not penalize the renter and CarAmigo cannot intervene further to compensate you for the delay since the penalty is debited from the deposit.

Indicate within the next section the kilometers driven during the carsharing. Be accurate as the system will pay out extra kilometers out of the deposit. If the amount is higher than the kilometers initially covered or prepaid within the contract than the renter will be debited on his/her deposit. 

Within the next section (screen) you can confirm he state of the vehicle. Take into account that once you close the contract on the app the data is saved and cannot be changed, hence the operation is final. For this reason it's very important to fill in the correct data on your app.

In case the state of the car is not the same as it was at the start of the carsharing, answer No, make pictures of the car showing the problems found at the closing of the contract and leave comments for each picture. If the damage is considered Minor damages, try to find an amicable solution (Renter could pay the Owner directly for the damages  e.g. cleaning, flat tire repair etc.,  see below).

We understand our members are not necessarily experts at estimating the cost of car damages, but try to estimate the value of the damages so that the Renter can compensate you directly if the amount is lower than the deposit. 

If the cost of repairing the damages is higher that the deposit, ask the Renter for the documents concerning the accident (Accident report) in order to properly report the damage with the insurance company.

Sign the electronic contract once this has been taken care off. If you face any difficulties by signing the e-contract you can use the website to close it or  the Renter's smartphone.

If the Renter and the Owner do not reach an agreement for compensation concerning Minor problems, provide pictures of the damages as soon as possible (before closing the contract). Only then can CarAmigo ask the electronic money institution to transfer a portion of or  even the full deposit to the Owner. The standard penalties are as follows: 

In case of Minor issues:

  • Late return (> 15 minutes): 10€ per extra hour
  • Fuel level difference > ¼ than initial level: Price of fuel +20€
  • Lost keys: 100€
  • Very dirty interior: 30€
  • Very dirty exterior: 30€
  • Small scratch on bodywork: 200€
  • Stains: 200€

Major issues: in case of major problems requiring the intervention of a professional car repair shop you and the Renter must fill in the relevant section of the carsharing app. Also immediately notify

  • AXA Belgium by calling +32 78 35 61 68
  • Tranquilidade, Portugal by calling +351 707 24 07 07

to declare the damages and to immediately demand the putting-in-action of some of the guarantees described in Article 5.2 of the GTC's. You must also send the accident report as well as any other document that may be of importance in relation to the accident to, putting Sharonomy in CC:

Press the OK button to upload the data and to close the contract. This will release the deposit automatically, if no damages, extra kms or other issues are reported. And finally, receive the keys from the Renter.