1. You earn money

Have you ever considered just how often you use your car? Many reputable sources indicate that a car is on average hardly used for more than 5% of its lifetime, while the rest of the time it sits idle in front of your house, left to accumulate dust. This compares to a lower productivity than the average drill! But when we rent out our car for a small fee to the neighbor or community for a day or two, we actually turn this passive state into an asset.

2. Other people pay the bills for your car

Nowadays, owning a car has become more and more expensive, through new taxes, insurances, higher fuel prices and regular maintenance. Let’s not forget the mandatory vignette and parking fees, especially if you're living in a big city. According to another study the monthly expenses can come to 200 EUR.  Through sharing, the owner can recoup some of these expenses.

3. No costs in case of a breakdown

When you rent out a car through an online platform, the latter protects your property with a comprehensive insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance. If your car should have a scratch or experienced a breakdown, every incident is described according to the platform's protocol and damages are paid from the pre-debited deposit.

4. Healthier and eco-friendly

It may sound quite abstract, but one shared vehicle removes between 7 and 12 others from the road… Which means more fresh air and less traffic. People who share their cars are also more inclined to look for an alternative mobility solution – when your car earns you money, it's better to use it less yourself.

5. Social experience

In a world where time flies past and social contacts are becoming more and more limited and thus more valuable, p2p sharing platforms give new opportunities for both parties, renters and owners, to take part in a positive social experience, with the opportunity of creating new friendships and meeting new people from within your own community.