You've heard about peer-to-peer carsharing and particularly about CarAmigo, but you're not sure whether you can rent out the company fleet via the platform?

This is already possible, but please read the below requirements in order to fully complete your company or professional profile.

The necessary data to create such a profile is: 

  • Gender
  • Name and surname of the person who's responsible for the carsharing activity
  • Company name
  • Company VAT number
  • Date of birth of the person who's responsible for the carsharing activity
  • Permanent residence address: street, house number, postal code and municipality
  • Mobile phone number, allowing the CarAmigo platform to send text messages to car owners or renters about certain events concerning specific carsharing contracts
  • If applicable: a landline
  • Permanent e-mail address
  • Civil registry number, identity card or passport number
  • Password which guarantees the confidentiality of the registered profile data and which, without exception, is not shared with other persons
  • One (or more) front photograph(s) allowing the unequivocal recognition of the member
  • A photograph of the above mentioned identity document or passport
  • A power-of-attorney

N.B.: only members who have received your booking agreement will be able to see your private or company information.