The answer to this question will help you understand in what instance you should invoke the insurance and when it's better for you to go for an amicable settlement.

DEFINITION Minor problems: issues created during a carsharing which do not require professional intervention to repair the vehicle. Examples include dirty interior or exterior, spots, damaged equipment, light damages, delays, parking fines, loss of keys etc.

DEFINITION Major problems: problems created during a carsharing clearly necessitating professional intervention to repair the vehicle, such as damages caused by a traffic accident, collision damage, scratches, heavy stains etc. 

Since the owner and driver do not always find a monetary compromise to solve Minor Problems during the check-out procedure, the owner can compile a fully documented request with images. Sharonomy can give Leetchi (MANGOPAY) a mandate to address the deposit in favor of the owner with the following standard fees:

  • In case of delay of more than 15 minutes: 10€ per hour of delay 
  • Loss of keys of the Vehicle : 100€ 
  • More than ¼ fuel level difference compared to the initial level : the cost of the fuel + 20€ 
  • Cracks, tears, burn marks, stains : 200€ 
  • Very dirty interior of the vehicle : 30€ 
  • Very dirty exterior of the vehicle : 30€ 
  • Small scratch on the bodywork : 200€

ATTENTION: please keep in  mind that Sharonomy (CarAmigo) can refuse an intervention in case the carsharing contract and the end state of affairs (with all detailed information) are not fully completed and/or sent to the customer service: