Important: Keep in mind that the check-in procedure is very important, which is why we recommend you follow the steps mentioned here in a very precise manner.

  • The driver agrees to return the vehicle to the owner:
    • in the same state of functioning and safety as at the beginning of the carsharing
    • clean and without damage other than the damage recorded at the onset of the carsharing
    • with a fuel level equal to the level at the beginning of the carsharing. 

Finally the driver respects the date and time of the returning of the vehicle.

To start the check-in procedure you have to download the CarAmigo mobile app, available for Android and iOS. You can use the same method to login as used on the website.

Once you login you'll see a couple of menus: My profile, My cars, My bookings etc. Click on My bookings.

The booking that is about to start should be displayed on top.

Click on the booking in question to start the check in procedure. To move to the next screen, click the arrow on the right corner on top.

The first step is checking the identity of the renter of the car, as well as the payment method used and the credit / debit card with which the booking has been paid. You should not accept credit / debit cards registered to people other than the driver.

To continue the procedure you have to confirm the data in the three sections.

All the documents provided by the renter have to be on his name, otherwise you should not hand over the keys to your vehicle.

The renter should show you his ORIGINAL driving license (no photocopies or images)! If he/she is hesitating to do so you have to refuse handing over the keys to your car.

For safety purposes you can take a picture of the driving license with the mobile app.

Using the next section (screen) of the app, take the mandatory pictures of the car, showing the state of the car at the beginning of the car-sharing. If there is not enough light, move the car to a brighter place. Take at least 4 pictures of the car, showing each side. 

If the renter notices scratches or other damages you can make additional pictures of the latter and leave a comment in the app.

On the last section you have to register the fuel level as well the mileage of the vehicle. The best agreement is that the driver receives the car with a full fuel tank. In case the vehicle has not been fully fueled at the beginning of the carsharing, the driver must return the car with the same fuel level but does not have to worry about filling the tank completely. 

Lastly, both parties need to sign the protocol on the mobile app and save the signatures.

Once the signatures are saved and user clicked OK both parties will receive an email with a copy of the contract in PDF format, including the signatures, which can be printed in case a paper form of the contract is needed.