To extend the carsharing outside of the agreed time frame, you MUST enable this through your profile on CarAmigo. Only this way the coverage of the insurance can be extended. Ask permission of the Owner as soon as you  think you won't be able to return the vehicle at the agreed time.

The extension will only become active after a confirmation via CarAmigo. In the absence hereof you must definitely return the vehicle at the agreed time, otherwise you risk a partial or complete loss of the insurance and roadside assistance and all costs of an accident, breakdown or other damage will become your responsibility and billed to you.

Attention: Please take in account that the owner has the right to ask for a compensation should you arrive too late: more than 15 min. 10 euro per additional hour.


Click the Extend button and specify the new date and hour, when you will return the vehicle.

Attention: have in mind that if you do not return the vehicle on time, after the actual expiration of the contract you do not have a valid insurance and roadside assistance coverage, hence you will be responsible for all costs of an accident or incident.