IMPORTANT: All the renters’ documents should bear the SAME NAME, otherwise you must REFUSE to hand over the keys to the vehicle!


1. Download the CarAmigo app (Android or iOS)
2. Gather your vehicle’s documents and verify their validity:

  • The registration certificate
  • The insurance certificate
  • The technical inspection certificate

Reminder: the carsharing contract is no longer available on paper, and can be accessed solely as an electronic  version via the CarAmigo app on the owner’s smartphone; if for some reason you cannot use the owner’s phone (it's off-grid, the battery ran out, etc ...), you will have to do it by logging in using the renter’s phone.

To do so, open the app on his/her device, have him/her log out, then have the owner log in (choose the option to not save his/her credentials on the device). You will be able to do the check-in and sign the contract as planned. In case of certain issues, contact our call center at:

  • Belgium: +32 2 588 69 93 or
  • Portugal:


1. Carefully verify the documents the renter presents:

  • The original driving license (as a precaution, we kindly request you to take a picture by using the app)
  • The debit/credit card he/she has used to pay for the reservation on CarAmigo: part of the card number is present on the carsharing contract so you should verify it before handing over the keys

2. Using the app, do a check of the car, i.e. the car interior and exterior.
3. While still using the app, sign the carsharing contract
4. Show the driver the vehicles’ documents
5. Hand over the keys so he/she can start the carsharing!


1. Take note of the amount of kilometers that were driven and the fuel level
2. With the app, perform the check-out of the car by filling out the relevant and requested data and signing the contract
3. If the vehicle was damaged, you and the driver both will have to fill out either:

  • Major issues: in case of major problems requiring the intervention of a professional car repair shop, fill out alongside the driver the relevant section of the carsharing app.
  • Minor issues: use the table below to find an amicable settlement to directly compensate the owner for the damages. Sharonomy may, where appropriate, intervene for the settlement but costs may potentially be charged to the owner and / or the driver.

In case of Minor issues:

  • Late return (> 15 minutes): 10€ per extra hour
  • Fuel level difference > ¼ than the initial level: Price of petrol+20€
  • Lost keys: 100€
  • Very dirty interior: 30€
  • Very dirty exterior: 30€
  • Small scratch on the bodywork: 200€
  • Stains: 200€