If you follow the CarAmigo instructions and you deliver immediate feedback regarding th carsharing (State and contents of vehicle (checkout) with CarAmigo mobile apps (Android and iOS), the deposit will be refunded just after your output data is received: 

  • You have duly filled the questionnaire about the carsharing (so you did the closing of the e-contract with the mobile app)
  • The owner has confirmed your answers or the answers he provided are exactly the same. The Owner thereby confirms that no additional kilometers have been added and/or Minor Problems occurred during the carsharing. 

If this is not the case and the owner provides us with different feedback the CarAmigo team will intervene and verify the output data by reviewing the contract within the next 48 hours. 

Contact us by email if you did not receive the deposit within 1-2 days after you can confirm that both sides (you and the owner ) have closed it:

IMPORTANT: please note that after unblocking the deposit, the bank transfer can take up to one-two working days.