Once the carsharing has ended you must close the contract (State and contents of vehicle (checkout) with CarAmigo mobile apps (Android and iOS) and leave an evaluation of the driver. These evaluations are key to the platform since they build trust between drivers and owners and will help with future reservations. 

  • In case you do not close the contract within 7 days after the end of the carsharing we will do it for you, but it means that during this period you will not be able to see your revenues within your virtual wallet.
  • In case you do close the contrast just after the carsharing, your revenues are automatically wired to your virtual wallet (a confirmation from the renter is also required).

In order to activate the automatic bank wires, insert your IBAN and BIC code within the "My bank details" fields and click on Save.

If you do not receive your revenues within 3 workdays after the carsharing, or after CarAmigo closed the contract for you, please contact us

For members from Belgium:

For members from Portugal: