The price you choose is an average price per day of carsharing, with 100 kilometers included.

The field "Received amount" indicates the amount the owner will get per day for the car rental, while the blue field "Displayed amount" indicates the amount the renter will pay. The latter covers:

  • the commission for the owner
  • the insurance premium
  • the roadside assistance premium
  • money transfer fees
  • the CarAmigo commission

In case the carsharing takes place longer than one week, we recommend - competitive-wise - to grant the driver a discount of 33% from the 7th day onward, and, should the carsharing take longer than one month, 50% off from the 30th day onward.  

On top of the regular price the driver might pay slightly more per traveled distance after the standard 100 km. It's the owner's choice whether he/she asks for an additional 0.10€, 0.20€, or more per extra traveled kilometer. One can always adjust the price after having offered the vehicle on the website. 

As the owner you are typically receiving 65 to 70%, the rest is used to reimburse the insurance, roadside assistance and additional costs. 

It's important to know for the renters that prepaid extra km are not subject to refund.