Should you be in doubt why your member's profile has been refused by the CarAmigo team:

  • The picture of your face (mandatory) does not allow ambiguity when trying to recognize the member in question
  • The identity document is unrecognizable or does not belong to the person who is the Titular of the profile
  • The identity document is: neither an identity card, passport, nor residence permit issued by an authority of the European Economic Area
  • The identity document and driving license are not issued by the authority of the country of origin
  • In case a member uploads a residence permit, a verso copy is considered obligatory 
  • The number of the identity document is incorrect
  • The validity of the document has expired or the expiry date given is incorrect. 

We would like to emphasize that we are obliged to impose a set of rules to ensure that you can share your car with confidence and that all drivers will enjoy equal advantages and coverage offered by our partners.