For the vehicle to receive the benefits described by the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance and the General Roadside Assistance Conditions, as well as the guarantees described in Article 5 of General Terms of Use, it must comply to following criteria: 

  • For vehicles shared in Belgium: to be registered in Belgium and to meet the definition set out by SPF Mobilité, serving only as a passenger vehicle (max 8+1 seats)
  • For vehicles shared in Portugal: to be registered in Portugal and to meet the definition set out by Traffic Law (serving as a passenger vehicle (max 8+1 seats) or with load up to 2.5 tons)
  • Be insured by an insurance company approved by the local insurance regulator
  • Must have successfully passed the latest technical check
  • The vehicle's power must be lower than:
    • 200 kw (about 270 hp) for vehicles rented on the Belgian version of the website
    • 220 kw (about 300 hp) for vehicles rented on the Portuguese version of the website

The following car brands are excluded: AC, Alpine, Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Corvette, De Tomaso, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ligier, Lotus, Maserati, Mc Laren, Pegaso, PGO, Pininfarina, Porsche, Rolls Royce, TVR, Tesla, Zagato

In addition, at the beginning of each Carsharing, an Electronic Carsharing Agreement should be signed by the Owner and the Driver.

The following vehicles do not receive the benefits described in Article 5 or in the General Insurance Conditions:

  • Vehicle used for the transportation of good and heavyweights (applicable for Belgium only)

  • Vehicle with three (3) wheels

  • Quads and buggies

  • Trailers and caravans (not applicable for Portugal)

  • Vehicles 20+ years old, after the date of their first registration (this restriction applies for Belgium only)