The mandatory information for adding a vehicle profile to your profile:

  • The car brand

  • Its type

  • Its age

  • Its registration number

  • The date of the last technical check (for Portuguese owner confirmation that the car had a valid technical inspection)

  • The approximate location where the Carsharing can start and finish


  • The policy number and name of the insurance company where the vehicle is insured

  • An indication of the general availability of the vehicle

  • The fee the Owner wants to receive if a Driver is using his vehicle during a carsharing, as well as the Total Amount which will be paid to him by the aforementioned Driver. The fee, which is subject to modification at any time by the Owner except in case the vehicle is already requested for reservation or a Carsharing is taking place, is composed of two elements:

    • The Fixed Participation Fee consists of a daily fee for the Carsharing and includes a fixed amount of 100 kilometers, for example: 35€ per day for 100 km. 

    • The Variable Participation Fee represents the distance per km covered on top of the included 100 kilometers, for example 35€c per km on top of the included 100 km.


In addition, the Owner will be required to provide CarAmigo, by electronic mail or by any other reasonable means, the following documents:

  • At least one recent and non-photo shopped photograph of each side of the Vehicle

  • A readable photocopy or photograph of the (Belgian) registration certificate of the Vehicle

  • A readable photocopy or photograph of the certificate of the last technical check 

  • A readable photocopy or photograph of the current insurance certificate of the Vehicle

The Owner shall specify on the Vehicle profile its availability, its usual location and any other information he considers appropriate/necessary. This information can be updated at any time.