Classic carsharing has existed for several years in Western Europe. Belgian customers are probably aware of the Autopia-model, which relates to a group of people who decide to invest in and further share one or more cars. One or more vehicles are put at disposal within a predetermined group i.e. a closed community. This model is limited in the sense that:

  1.  it's hard to find other people willing to share a vehicle and there are organizational issues
  2. the number of available vehicles is extremely limited, thus some of the potential users within the group may remain without a car in case someone else "booked" it.

With CarAmigo we are establishing a marketplace where people who barely use their car can share their vehicle with others without having to go through all this additional effort. As such, the communal restrictions are abandoned and members do not have to actively search for others to share with; here the market forces are at work in finding future users. The further the market evolves, the more cars will be available. So no “misfortune” anymore when that car is being used by someone else of the group. No longer will this one shared car happen to be a city car, while you are in dire need for something more comprehensive.